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    Fazeela Saba  
Sports anchor of Super Gossips

“It was my childhood dream that came true through Geo Talent Management”, said Fazeela Saba, the New sports anchor of Super Gossips. An M.A. in English Literature from University of Karachi, Fazeela applied through Talent Website to Geo thinking of getting a chance. That chance came very soon as she was approached by the Talent Team in a week and in the next month she was hired as an anchor. It took her two months to learn the tricks of the trade for which she is thankful to the whole super production team. “Every person here helped me develop as an anchor. They taught me every thing that was required and I was able to complete the training in two months”, said the Super Gossip Host . Fazeela was truly a gem discovered by Talent team and polished by the GEO Super production team. She wants to become the number one sports female anchor of Pakistan and she surely is on the right path for this.

Anchor GEO News, Business Desk

“Working with Geo has been the most amazing experience in my entire career” When I was first called by the Talent department, I was made to feel very comfortable and was warmly welcomed. And this very warmth and recognition made the journey the most brilliant for me. I thoroughly enjoy working here; for it is a safe working atmosphere and people are very open to ideas. And so, there has been no single day when I have not enjoyed my work like I did on the very first day.

Singer/Winner "DREAM BIG"

When I was briefed about the website I found this initiative as a superb one, because this way the masses will get an equal opportunity to get recognized. I dedicate my success to the Talent Management Department because they organized the show in collaboration with "weekend with Mahira", I won. Surely my singing talent also played a key role but had not been for TMD I would not have been where I am right now. All in all a great initiative and I urge singers, actors, even directors to make a profile and get recognized.

Model/winner "THIS IS IT"

“Geo has given us; the sixteen finalists of ‘This Is It’, an excellent platform to start our careers,” said Sherezad; the winner of ‘This Is It’. Sherezad did not plan to ensue a career in modeling, but she took a chance and sent in her photographs to ‘This Is It’, a segment of ‘The Nadia Khan Show’. According to her, “The Nadia Khan Show is a family show and I felt comfortable sending in my details to them. I knew they would not expect me to do anything inappropriate. After the auditions, when only 16 contestants were left, Jamie taught us all that we needed to know about modeling. We got the opportunity to groom our talent, to get to know some great people, and to learn a lot of new things that will help us in our careers.” Sherezad has already started working on some promising projects. She recently did a shoot with Top Pakistani Photographer Tappu Javeri and two of the top Pakistani designers Aisha Warsi and Aijaz Aslam. She has also been promised a project with Athar Shahzad. Geo is giving Sherezad the opportunity to hone her hosting skills as well. Sherezad’s talent was recognized by Geo’s Talent Team, and today, Sherezad is enjoying the start of a very exciting and promising career.

Host of a Business Program: 1 say 2

“Even though there is still a long way to go on the ladder of success, Geo gave me that jump start from where I have been moving smoothly ever since.” Last year February, I received a call from the Talent Department and I was invited to discuss about the business show I was supposed to host. Through out these discussions and meetings, all I got was encouragement from the Talent team, and a lot of support from my senior team members as well. I find my work here very challenging and understand it for a fact that without all this support and encouragement, I would not be able to pave my path ahead.

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