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It is not easy to become an actor, but if you fulfill the requirements needed to become an actor, then you should definitely give it a shot. If you can communicate a character or situation through your speech, body language and facial expressions, then you should let Geo guide you to fame.


HSY, Kamiar Rockni, Maria B… don’t you ever wish to wear their collections and walk on the ramp while the camera’s capturing your glamorous self? If yes, then why not apply for modeling?

  News Anchors:  

If you have a Masters degree, sound command over current affairs, and an attractive personality, then you are eligible to be a News Anchor on Geo News. Of course, your selection is subject to your performance at the auditions, but if you think you have what it takes to be a news anchor, then go ahead and sign up for the spot.


If you have a command over English and Urdu, if you have the gift of the gab, if you can make small talk, and if you can look really charming while talking endlessly, then you know you’re perfect VJ material. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with AAG before somebody else takes away your spot.


If singing is your passion and if you think you can sing your way to fame, then get yourself registered with Geo NOW, and we will give you your ticket to success.


To be able to host a show on Geo Network, you really have to stand out. If you have confidence, if you are fluent in English as well as Urdu, and you think you can handle a live show with live audience, then you should sign up to host a show on Geo Network, and subject to auditions, we will give you the platform that you’ve been waiting for.

  Music Composer:  

If singing is your passion and if you think you can sing your way to fame, then get yourself registered with Geo NOW, and we will give you your ticket to success.


If you have the groovy dance moves and the passion to be a professional dancer, then you must sign up with Geo Talent so that we can put your talent and your passion for dancing to the right use.

  Sports Anchor:  

If you are passionate about sports, if you have the confidence and the personality to host a sports show, and if you know a bat from a ball, then you can be the next sports anchor on Geo Super. So what are you waiting for? Get registered with Geo Super.


Talent required behind the screen is as important as talent required on screen. So fill in the form, Sign up and take charge of the latest productions of GEO.

  Child Artist:  

Nothing sells stuff like a cute baby. If you want the apple of your eye to be part of the glamorous world of media, sign him/her up with Geo Talent ASAP! It’s never too late to start one’s career!

  Look alike:  

You want to act, and you think you look like a famous personality. What then? You can sign up with Geo Talent in order to use your resemblance to someone famous to your benefit!

Fazeela Saba

(Sports anchor of Super Gossip)

It was my childhood dream that came true through Geo Talent Management, said Fazeela Saba, the
New sports anchor of Super Gossip.... Read more

(Anchor GEO News)

Working with Geo has been the most amazing experience in my entire career” When I was first called by the Talent department, I was made to feel very comfortable and was warmly welcomed... Read more
(singer/winner "DREAM BIG")
When I was briefed about the website I found this initiative as a superb one, because this way the masses will get an equal opportunity to get recognized... Read more
(Model/winner "THIS IS IT")
Geo has given us; the sixteen finalists of ‘This Is It’, an excellent platform to start our careers,” said Sherezad; the winner of ‘This Is It’... Read more

(Host of Program: 1 say 2)

Even though there is still a long way to go on the ladder of success, Geo gave me that jump start from where I have been moving smoothly ever since.... Read more
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