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If I want to be onscreen, what route should I follow to be the part of the team Geo?

Firstly, you will have to fill in the talent form available on our website. Once this is done, the application is evaluated on the set criterion. The processing after it takes sometime before the pre-screening phase.


After the prescreening, does it mean that I am selected to be the part of the team?

Once the pre-screening is done, the candidates are added to the talent database page on the website. You will be connected to our team through our emails and news bits on the website in case vacancies come up.


What are your requirements if I want to be an anchor?

That depends on the genre you choose. For you to be a news anchor, you need to have a masters degree preferably in IR, Mass communication or business administration and a firm grip over the current affairs. Also, the proficiency in using both English and Urdu as well as command over teleprompter is a prerequisite. For a music anchor, a firm and around knowledge of the music especially the current music scene is required. And this is how the criteria varies with each genre chosen.


Is there any minimum qualification of being an actor?

No, there is no minimum requirement for being an actor.


How long does it take for the response to come?

There is no minimum time span; it usually depends on when the vacancy is empty.

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