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General Manager of Programming Support and Talent Management Department

MBA from United States, Shahla Shiraz Khan is the General Manager of Programming Support and Talent Management Department. This self-made lady started her career from an advertising agency. She became a member of Jang family as coordinator Electronic Media Division in 2000 and then Geo Family as PD Associate in 2002. Her career's struggle is a true success story as she believes that there are no shortcuts to success.
"There is an instinct in every person, which he needs to trust in, and along with it, patience, hard work, establishing a goal and individual's integrity are the tools to success", says Shahla.
Talking about Talent Management Department, Shahla told that every individual has got some special hidden talent which she and her team recognize and give exposure to shine and glow in the field of media.
Entangled with the essence of struggle, intelligence and charisma, the enchanting Shahla gives credit of her success to her very co-operative family and her understanding bosses.

    Umair Salam  
Senior Associate Manager

Umair Salam, an MBA from Hamdard University, is the Senior Associate Manager of Talent Management Department. Passionate about media, Umair always comes up with new and very productive ideas.
Keeping his aims high, the ever-smiling Umair Salam is always in search of new talent. "Young talent is the asset of our country and Pakistan has plenty of such talent. The only thing required is to give exposure to them and they, themselves, will pave their success paths. We value young talent and want them to play their part in electronic media; would it be news or showbiz", says the ambitious guy.
Worked with a private bank and a pharmaceutical company, Umair Salam has been serving Geo TV since 2004.

    Tariq Khan  
Senior Associate

Tariq Khan –Senior Associate of Talent Management Department- started his career as recorder in 1999. His relationship with Geo started in 2004 as outsource and then in 2008, he accompanied a very special place in Talent Management family.
Enriched with a lot of talent and determination, Tariq Khan has worked with renowned Pakistani singers. He has performed internationally too and is American Embassy certified. Tariq is fond of photography and wants to capture every treasured moment. He has also done production and direction.
Due to his humble attitude and friendly nature, Tariq is famous among rising young talent. He has given his best to give exposure to many talented Pakistani youngsters and always remains in search of new faces.
“I believe that talent should not go waste. It is God-gifted and most of the times unseen too. I try my best to identify the special talent in young boys and girls for it is their right”, says Tariq, who always has been a milestone for young talent to reach its destination.

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